The story of Injin


They don’t come much more intriguing than the mysterious, yet talented Injin whose music evokes many of the same sentiments. A mixing pot of both natural and synthetic sounds, paired with soaring, yet modest vocals create a sound that simply has to be heard to be appreciated.

But that’s just my opinion. Take a listen for yourself.

You can even find out a little about the man behind the music if you head on over to his website. Here’s part one of Injin’s story:

When we were kids, our brains were like sponges, soaking up anything and everything of life, especially things that appealed to us (e.g our first teddy bear, toy, or train set, etc.)

Mine.. was a tin Drum. We remember certain awards given to us collectively or verbally for our achievements. Something in the sports fields, or taking apart a watch, or machine and finding out how it works, and putting it back together again. My life was music from day one, listening to my mother Joan, singing in the kitchen of our home. Joan had a lovely voice, my father Stan also had a lovely voice. And the house was always full of music, mostly mother singing on her own.

Neither parent were professional, My mother a proud housewife, and my father a Manager of one Company or another. But at parties, Stan would be mimicking America’s Bing Crosby, Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra’s voices well, in the next breath.. a very convincing comical George Formby. Joan had a rhaspy voice, and also sang well known songs, but only at parties, and a few quiet country pubs later in life. They were well loved. But I loved music in every sense of the word. I was considered a natural in rhythm, timing and balance.

Then there were the days of the swinging 60’s, whereby Big Dance Bands, Jazz Bands, Dixie, and early Rock + Roll, Flower power, were hitting the scenes, and everything was truly buzzing. You would always find me analysing musical parts, why they put a musical piece in one position, of a music score, or song, but left a space in another. And finding out why or how it worked. I had quite a few nice friends, but something happened to me, when I was just 7 yrs old. I suddenly stopped ‘growing’…

If that isn’t intriguing, I don’t know what is…