Forget Sheffield, Italy’s Answer To Arctic Monkeys Can Be Found In Indie Band ‘Five o Five’!


When you think of the worlds most famous and current Indie-Rock bands, Arctic Monkeys, White Stripes and The Libertines are just some of the names that come to mind, but a new batch of 18 year old musicians have decided to put their stamp on things.

Five o Five, or also known as Piero (guitar/lead vocals), Andrea (drums), Riccardo (bass) and Alessandro (keyboards), are debuting with their first studio album ‘@Y&!‘, and with first single ‘Where They Bring Sophie’. 

Five o Five’s beginnings originate through Piero and Andrea meeting at school when they were just 14, in a P.E.(Physical Education). This we be where they would have the idea to start creating music together, soon they would gain a bass player, Riccordo (who bought his first bass from his brother for 15 euro’s). After this, they would soon end up a four-piece, having keyboard player, Alessandro joining them on their journey.

Now a fully fledged band, with songs and a exhilarating live set, they have supported and played with acts like Pop_X, I Camillas and Rezophonic, Five o Five are now taking flight on their own and have released a brand new single and debut album, which is a worthy entry into the world of Indie-Rock.