Eden Royals explore day to day problems in ‘Time Won’t Wait’


From sharing a stage with Peace and Bastille to touring America with platinum selling Third Eye Blind, indie rock group Eden Royals return with highly anticipated EP ‘Time Won’t Wait’. Exploring the day to day problems of a “getting by lifestyle”, ‘Time Won’t Wait’ speaks out to everyone and anyone.

Eden Royals got their lucky break in the most unique of ways when one of the members answered the door to their neighbour of 16 years, who in fact owns Cutmore Records. After hearing their demos, Eden Royals were signed and haven’t stopped since. The boys performed at Liverpool Sound City Festival in 2015, gaining them the title of Daily Mirror’s top bands at the event.


Time Won’t Wait’ is set to release March 10th alongside the homemade music video, showing Eden Royals touring America.





The Last Shadow Puppets reveal music video for ‘Les Cactus’

English supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets reveal their new music video for Jacques Dutronc cover ‘Les Cactus’. The track from their upcoming EP ‘The Dream Synopsis’ follows their earlier release of Leonardo Cohen cover ‘Is This What You Wanted’.

Watch the music video for ‘Les Cactus’ here:tlsp

Due to be released 2nd December, the tracklist for ‘The Dream Synopsis’ is:

Les Cactus (Original by Jacques Dutronc)
Totally Wired (Original by The Fall)
This Is Your Life (Original by Glaxo Babies)
Is This What You Wanted (Original by Leonard Cohen)
The Dream Synopsis


Kid Cupid releases ‘Broken Down’ controlled by Laura Shaw’s enchanting vocals

Indie-electro group Kid Cupid have returned with single ‘Broken Down’ exploring internal conflicts and fusing genres to create an entirely unique sound. The quartet have a original outlook on life, looking at the wider picture rather than focusing on individual relationships. This is shown in their latest single about someone fighting back and making a change for the better.

Geordie lead singer Laura Shaw is a huge advocate for equality in the industry and feels very strongly about current attitudes worldwide towards gender divides. Shaw’s strong vocals control the music, with gang vocals layered to form an enchanting sound.

Listen to ‘Broken Down’ here:


Glasgow rockers Catholic Action dedicate latest single to pop star Rita Ora


Glasgow based rock band Catholic Action dedicate their latest single to pop star ‘Rita Ora’. Although not very rock and roll, the quartet found they were creating ‘nonsense lyrics’ in the studio and the single suddenly became dedicated to British singer Rita Ora.

Only a few months ago Rita showed her appreciation to the rockers by tweeting about how the single is the “best song I’ve ever heard” to her 5.8m followers, to which Catholic Action replied “we love you too, Rita Ora”.

Front man Chris McCrory tells NME “we’ve got a Soundcloud playlist of about 50 songs that we recorded on our phones and kind of forgot about. In fact, that’s where ‘L.U.V’ and ‘Rita Ora’ came from – they were stupid little things we never really planned to record, but when we went and listened back to them, you could tell there was something there…” If this is anything to go by then hopefully there will be many more quirky tracks to come.

Watch the music video for ‘Rita Ora’ here:

The story of Injin


They don’t come much more intriguing than the mysterious, yet talented Injin whose music evokes many of the same sentiments. A mixing pot of both natural and synthetic sounds, paired with soaring, yet modest vocals create a sound that simply has to be heard to be appreciated.

But that’s just my opinion. Take a listen for yourself.

You can even find out a little about the man behind the music if you head on over to his website. Here’s part one of Injin’s story:

When we were kids, our brains were like sponges, soaking up anything and everything of life, especially things that appealed to us (e.g our first teddy bear, toy, or train set, etc.)

Mine.. was a tin Drum. We remember certain awards given to us collectively or verbally for our achievements. Something in the sports fields, or taking apart a watch, or machine and finding out how it works, and putting it back together again. My life was music from day one, listening to my mother Joan, singing in the kitchen of our home. Joan had a lovely voice, my father Stan also had a lovely voice. And the house was always full of music, mostly mother singing on her own.

Neither parent were professional, My mother a proud housewife, and my father a Manager of one Company or another. But at parties, Stan would be mimicking America’s Bing Crosby, Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra’s voices well, in the next breath.. a very convincing comical George Formby. Joan had a rhaspy voice, and also sang well known songs, but only at parties, and a few quiet country pubs later in life. They were well loved. But I loved music in every sense of the word. I was considered a natural in rhythm, timing and balance.

Then there were the days of the swinging 60’s, whereby Big Dance Bands, Jazz Bands, Dixie, and early Rock + Roll, Flower power, were hitting the scenes, and everything was truly buzzing. You would always find me analysing musical parts, why they put a musical piece in one position, of a music score, or song, but left a space in another. And finding out why or how it worked. I had quite a few nice friends, but something happened to me, when I was just 7 yrs old. I suddenly stopped ‘growing’…

If that isn’t intriguing, I don’t know what is…

The Heroic Enthusiasts release new EP ‘The Second Three’


After the success of their debut EP ‘Memory Wheel’ in February, NYC indie rockers The Heroic Enthusiasts have had all eyes on them waiting for new music to be released. Finally ‘The Second Three’ has appeared with clear influence from 80s post-punk groups such as Echo and the Bunnymen and The Smiths and a polished indie rock sound.

Listen to the EP here:

Suit of Lights’ the genre defying band

Having dedicated his life to music since an early age, Joe Darone, pursued a career as a drummer and then in 2003 he decided to focus on songwriting allowing for Suit of Lights to be born.

“Even the greatest musical elitists will find something to love on this album”- RAG Magazine

Pushing the boundaries of modern music, “Break Open the Head” has the energy of punk, the immediacy of pop, the innovation of progressive rock and the timeless beauty of “serious” composers. This makes the band, and their music, distinct and innovative whilst cutting edge and acknowledging of songwriting tradition. Ultimately the band is fearless when it comes to creating music.