JohnLikeJohn’s Crazy And Kooky Reputation Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon


JohnLikeJohn has made us all aware of his strange eccentric style, with music videos, soft folk songs and live performances that are like no other.

Now with the recently released ‘Vegans Are Evil Too’ EP, audiences can learn so much more about their favourite weird and wonderful singer-songwriter.

The EP itself features 5 tracks, including ‘Vegans Are Evil Too’, ‘I Am Scared Too’ and the much loved ‘Fish in the Sea’.

Be sure to check the Ep out as well as the official music video for single ‘Faking Foxes’.




Broken Islands Will Challenge Everything You Know About The Post-Rock World

With a taste for everything that is pop, post-rock and indie, Broken Islands are mixing all the best parts of every genre and we are in love with it!

The modern world is more than ready for this fusion that blends melodies, riffs, intricate instrumentation and the sweet and harmonious voice of Rachelle Boily, Broken island are sure to be a hit.

With the release of their brand new album ‘WARS’ on the horizon for the new year, the band are looking to tour the UK, introducing audiences to sounds that draw inspiration from the likes of My Bloody Valentine, LCD Soundsystem and Mazzy Star.

So be sure to check them out:


Play air harmonica along to The NaveBlues

Norwegian 4 piece The NaveBlues are bringing a new and exciting edge to blues. Nave Pundik, lead singer and harmonica player has a harmonica tone like you’ve never heard, like hearing a harmonica put through Jimi Hendrix’s pedal board, its glorious.

Their self titled album really brings together the bands love of indie, soul and rock blending them with blues seamlessly. Track one ‘Sexy Kiss’ sounds like a mash up of early 00’s indie and traditional blues with searing harmonica over a guitar riff that could be taken straight from a Libertines album or early Kings of leon.

However this is most definitely blues.

‘In a quiet place’ strips things back to piano and male female vocals bouncing back off each other creating a warming bluesy wash, whilst ‘Early in the Morning’ and Led Zep cover ‘Thank you’ see the band show off their musical prowess. Blistering guitar solo’s, astounding harmonica breaks, everything that makes you say ‘niiiiiiice’ while you recline back in your chair and sip your whisky. Thats where The NaveBlues shine, they make give blues a new life, make it fresh!

Give the video for the lead track from their album ‘The NaveBlues’, ‘Possess You’ below.

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Forget Sheffield, Italy’s Answer To Arctic Monkeys Can Be Found In Indie Band ‘Five o Five’!


When you think of the worlds most famous and current Indie-Rock bands, Arctic Monkeys, White Stripes and The Libertines are just some of the names that come to mind, but a new batch of 18 year old musicians have decided to put their stamp on things.

Five o Five, or also known as Piero (guitar/lead vocals), Andrea (drums), Riccardo (bass) and Alessandro (keyboards), are debuting with their first studio album ‘@Y&!‘, and with first single ‘Where They Bring Sophie’. 

Five o Five’s beginnings originate through Piero and Andrea meeting at school when they were just 14, in a P.E.(Physical Education). This we be where they would have the idea to start creating music together, soon they would gain a bass player, Riccordo (who bought his first bass from his brother for 15 euro’s). After this, they would soon end up a four-piece, having keyboard player, Alessandro joining them on their journey.

Now a fully fledged band, with songs and a exhilarating live set, they have supported and played with acts like Pop_X, I Camillas and Rezophonic, Five o Five are now taking flight on their own and have released a brand new single and debut album, which is a worthy entry into the world of Indie-Rock.




Eden Royals explore day to day problems in ‘Time Won’t Wait’


From sharing a stage with Peace and Bastille to touring America with platinum selling Third Eye Blind, indie rock group Eden Royals return with highly anticipated EP ‘Time Won’t Wait’. Exploring the day to day problems of a “getting by lifestyle”, ‘Time Won’t Wait’ speaks out to everyone and anyone.

Eden Royals got their lucky break in the most unique of ways when one of the members answered the door to their neighbour of 16 years, who in fact owns Cutmore Records. After hearing their demos, Eden Royals were signed and haven’t stopped since. The boys performed at Liverpool Sound City Festival in 2015, gaining them the title of Daily Mirror’s top bands at the event.


Time Won’t Wait’ is set to release March 10th alongside the homemade music video, showing Eden Royals touring America.


The Last Shadow Puppets reveal music video for ‘Les Cactus’

English supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets reveal their new music video for Jacques Dutronc cover ‘Les Cactus’. The track from their upcoming EP ‘The Dream Synopsis’ follows their earlier release of Leonardo Cohen cover ‘Is This What You Wanted’.

Watch the music video for ‘Les Cactus’ here:tlsp

Due to be released 2nd December, the tracklist for ‘The Dream Synopsis’ is:

Les Cactus (Original by Jacques Dutronc)
Totally Wired (Original by The Fall)
This Is Your Life (Original by Glaxo Babies)
Is This What You Wanted (Original by Leonard Cohen)
The Dream Synopsis


Kid Cupid releases ‘Broken Down’ controlled by Laura Shaw’s enchanting vocals

Indie-electro group Kid Cupid have returned with single ‘Broken Down’ exploring internal conflicts and fusing genres to create an entirely unique sound. The quartet have a original outlook on life, looking at the wider picture rather than focusing on individual relationships. This is shown in their latest single about someone fighting back and making a change for the better.

Geordie lead singer Laura Shaw is a huge advocate for equality in the industry and feels very strongly about current attitudes worldwide towards gender divides. Shaw’s strong vocals control the music, with gang vocals layered to form an enchanting sound.

Listen to ‘Broken Down’ here: