Track review: ‘Team’ by Everything Under


Everything Under the the musical project of Mark J. Heidecke and they putting their stamp on the music industry with their reinvention of the Electro-rock style.

After sadly losing his sister in a car crash, Mark embarked on a journey to a digital arts college where he learnt the trade of sound design, music theory and performance. He has also taught himself how to play guitar and keyboard showing that Everything Under is a band grown organically, straight from the roots.

‘Team’ is a dark, intriguing and complex track that utilises a variety of sounds and techniques. Clean struck guitars collide with deep, descending synths that evoke a deeply brooding and menacing aura, befitting of a horror or thriller film soundtrack. Alongside this, psychedelia meets hard-rock proving that Everything Under are setting up camp at the central crossroads of musical genres.

Heidecke’s vocals are a centrepiece of the track, too. Although minimal, Heidecke’s low growl is hauntingly mesmeric drawing listeners into a sort of hypnosis. Not only this, but his vocal qualities are comparable to a number of 80s acts such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood and so it is easy to see the influence from the time period.

The band have been honing their industrial blend of sounds for a while now and their new album, Where Have the Kids Gone at Night? from which ‘Team’ is taken, was mastered by the world renowned Bernie Grundman who had a hand in engineering Dr. Dre’s debut record, The Chronic.

Check out more on Everything Under here:


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