‘We Are The Catalyst’ Tease Their Album ‘Elevation’ Releasing Awesome Single ‘Open Door’

Announcing “Elevation” – The immense new album scheduled for take-off on the 2nd of September

“10 / 10 Mind-blowing vocals….. the most exciting prospect to emerge out of the Nordic nation in the last few years” – GMA

“We Are The Catalyst have set the benchmark for modern metal bands” – Matt Seddon UK Promoter

“I literally cannot get over Cat’s vocals…..Incredible” – www.getyourrockout.co.uk

“13 Addictive Tracks…..Phenomenal” – http://www.new-reviews.co.uk

“Stretching the boundaries of the rock music genre” – Johnny Main – MetalTalk.net

“A huge avalanche….Genius” – Kronus Mortus Magazine

“Simply Stunning, move over Evanescence” – Ozzy Osbourne (ex) Bass player Terry Nails

Elevation is available for Pre-Order / Purchase at




The track listing for “Elevation” is:

  1. Delusion
  2. A Million Claws
  3. Our Dark World
  4. Open Door
  5. Without Fear
  6. One More Day
  7. Alive
  8. Askja
  9. Home
  10. Never Ending Night
  11. Life Equals Pain








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