Album Pick: Ha Det Bra – ‘Societea for Two’

Ha Det Bra is a noise-rock band from Zagreb that stirred up the interest of the underground scene with their strong sound. The name of the band has Scandinavian roots and its meaning goodbye and/or farewell brings to mind different associations. The band was founded in 1991, and even though the following years were turbulent, not only for the band, but also for the whole country, the nineties have been quite productive and active for them.

The name of the album Societea for Two shows dedication to details and offers some deeper message hiding behind the title. It’s an album that carries its own weight and brings back a little piece of history of an era and a band diving into an age full of new, and often churned out bands. Everyone who loves intrigue and somewhat mysterious expression and a more massive, wilder and multi-layered music, doesn’t need to look further because the album they are looking for is right in front of them. Societea for Two delves into obscure corners and creates atmospheres in which even the inmost demons will be able to relax.


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