Horsedreamer is a band utterly in control of their emotions. Their songs are stripped of everything that is unnecessary.

Their focus is slowcore folk, sparse instrumentation, ambient textures, eerie tension and story songs. They leaves you with the experience of being submerged in a really great epic film where there are no heroes and affecting humility being the only option left. Roger Robinson began writing the lyrics for what would later become Horsedreamer back in 2009 but it wasn’t until he teamed up with songwriter and producer Piers Faccini that the project was born. Over the course of three sessions in Piers Faccini’s studio in the foothills of the south of France, they set to work writing and recording a collection of songs for the album. The songs were born out of Robinson’s gifts as a lyricist and Faccini’s skill in creating melodies and arrangements to marry the strength of the lyric.

For the ep Bolder, Beating Drum have produced a special 20 page comic book with illustrations by Piers Faccini and a text by Roger Robinson. Telling the enigmatic story of two renegade wanderers in the badlands of an imaginary central american wasteland, the beautifully printed and poetic comic book provides the perfect backdrop for Horsedreamer’s haunting tales. The object will be available on the Beating Drum shop only and sold together with a download of the four tracks from the ep.


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