The Zzips announce their new release ‘Expect The Worst E.P’

The zzips are releasing their brand new EP at the end of March, summoning inspiration from early Blues & Rock, and bringing it together with aspects of Swamp Rock, and Southern Blues, creating an indie vibe with an essentially cool groove. Covering modern day issues such as Internet Dating in ‘Expect The Worst’ to the imminent reference to Heaven’s Gate with the bluesy ‘’. Frontman James Butler and his writing partner Graham Cupples tackle the nonchalance indifference of the world, whilst also contemplating the melancholy view of ‘fantasy is the new reality’. Their perspective has led to witty, captivating lyrics which are a refreshing contrast to the lyrics of many modern singles.

The E.P. ‘”Expect The Worst” is released 31st March 2014.

The Album ’20 Years Late’ to follow in May/June..


01 Expect The Worst / 02 You Just Dont Need Them / 03 Scratchcards & Junkies / 04 Too Little Too Late / 05


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