EDEN’S CURSE Studio Episode 5

Multinational Melodic Metal band EDEN’S CURSE have posted the fifth edition of their studio diaries online which features new vocalist Nikola Mijic(Alogia, Dreyelands, Expedition Delta) recording his vocals for groups fourth album “Symphony Of Sin” which was released worldwide by AFM Records on 4th October 2013.

The latest video covers Mijic recording at the Masquerade Ball Studio under the tutelage of Bassist and album Producer Paul Logue and includes a behind-the-scenes insight into the tracking of the songs “Symphony Of Sin“, the records lead single “Evil & Divine“, “Where Is The Love?” and “Fallen From Grace“.

This latest edition comes hot on the heels of the fourth edition which featured Dutch Orchestral composer and arranger Frank Van Essen of Strings Attached documenting the process behind the orchestra intro piece for the album and song “Symphony Of Sin“. The group also released a alternative band only performance of their promo video “Evil & Divine“.

EDEN’S CURSE will be touring the United Kingdom in support of the new album “Symphony Of Sin” later in the Spring.


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