Dirty Louie invites us to ‘Suck It for the USA’

New single released December 2nd

Taking a satirical swipe at the excesses and vices of the USA, Dirty Louie has released new rock ‘n’ roll single ‘Suck It for the USA’.

Based in Venezuela, Dirty Louie experiences his chosen target through the eyes of an outsider, an immigrant with a twisted view of The American Dream.

Not for the easily offended, it puts a new twist on the typical fresh faced young girl who comes to the city and has to literally battle for acceptance. Behind the controversy courting visuals, the track is a solid rock tune with a catchy riff and infectious chorus that it’s hard to push from your brain once it’s found a place there.

But behind the fun, upbeat rock exterior, Dirty Louie has a point to make. The music is all about the injustices and inequalities he has seen first-hand in developing countries, and contrasting that with the excesses of his North American neighbours.

Musically inspired by his surroundings, Dirty Louie has spent his life moving from country to country and culture to culture in South America. Hoping to inspire others, he wants to provide a stage for Latin American Art – by curating a show for Mexican artists in his Dorian Grey Gallery in the East Village.

In the meantime, he invites you into his worldview, and challenges you to ‘Suck It for the USA’

Dirty Louie website: http://dirtylouie.com/


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